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Major challenges women face at the workplace 

Major challenges women face at the workplace

Assignment: Argument/Persuasion This assignment calls for you to argue a position and persuade your readers to adopt your view. Therefore, in addition to appealing to reason (logos), you’ll also be appealing to readers’ emotions (pathos) and establishing your own credibility as author (ethos). Criteria for Evaluation: You will need to include a thesis statement along with subclaims and adequate examples which serve to prove it. Remember that a thesis is something that “needs” to be proven and does more than simply state a paper’s topic. A thesis at the beginning of a paper is convenient because it provides a “roadmap” for readers, giving them a sense of direction. When using examples, make sure you explain to readers exactly “why” you’re using them. If you do this, you’ll naturally incorporate claims throughout, and it is the strength of your ideas/topic sentences that will both “pull” readers through your paper and inspire them to engage critically with the text. Readability is always a factor, and the paper should be free of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Proofread many times. This essay is to be subject-centered. Therefore, unless it is useful for you to provide personal examples, use third person point of view rather than first. Additionally, this essay will need to include a minimum of five secondary sources, two of which can come from the Internet (websites). You must use parenthetical documentation and a works cited/references page. You will also be graded on how well you use either MLA or APA-style documentation. The style you use will be the one used for your particular field of study. Include your own title, not the title of the assignment.


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