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Lessons Learned from Jodi Freedman

Lessons Learned from Jodi Freedman regarding Crisis Communications

Think about what Ms. Freedman said in relation to what you read in Chapter 12 (Issues Management, Crisis Communication).

Then respond to these 3 items by writing a MEMO to me – format properly (as learned in Assignment #1 – Bernays)

  1. Choose the top 3 things that you learned from watching this video.
    – Support how they are important by connecting them to your readings (be sure to cite properly using APA)
  2. Please relate something she said to you directly – either professionally or in your education as we face many crisis issues in today’s society on a daily basis
    … explain the details of what and how?
    … explain if this helped you either put things in perspective or come to a solution.
  3. How did this ADD to your knowledge of Crisis Communication beyond what you read in the textbook?

One Page Memo – Single spaced, proper format, Times New Roman, 11 point.
5 paragraphs total – 1 intro. paragraph, 1 paragraph per question, 1 conclusion paragraph

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