Learning Experience Plan Template

Learning Experience Plan Template

Foundations of Lesson Plan
Content Areas and Developmental Domains

Identify the content area(s) and developmental domain(s) you will address in this learning experience.

1–2 paragraphs

State/District/Professional Standards

Identify one early learning standard that informed your planning of this learning experience.


1–2 sentences

Learning Goals

Briefly describe your goal(s) or desired outcome(s) of the learning experience.

1 paragraph


List texts, websites, writing/art supplies, props/artifacts, assistive technology, computer software, Internet resources, audio/visual media, and other tools and materials needed for this experience.


Length will vary.


Lesson Sequence
 Align all activities with the standard(s), goal(s), and context.

Introduction/Anticipatory Set
Describe initial teacher-and-child activities that establish a warm connection and capture children’s attention. Answer the following:

·         How will you build a sense of relationship and connection with children during the introduction?

·         How will you relate the lesson to children’s interests, prior knowledge, and families/communities?

2–3 paragraphs


Building/Applying Knowledge and Skills
Describe specifically, and in a step-by-step fashion, what you and the children will do in all activities and transitions that are part of this learning experience. Make sure each activity is meaningful and supports your goal(s). Be sure to consider specific content areas and developmental domains that are relevant to the learning experience.


For each activity, explain how the activity might be differentiated to meet the needs of individual children, including children with exceptionalities. Give specific examples related to particular children in the classroom that you observed.

3–5 paragraphs

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