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Lab Report: Combustion Virtual Combustion Gas Analyzer

Lab guide to the combustion Lab

Lab Report: Combustion Virtual Combustion Gas Analyzer

Combustion Gas Analyzer

Orsat Gas Analyzer

Using the Orsat Analyzer

Go to the virtual combustion Analysis lab:

1) Select Pentane (Molecular weight= 72.15, the enthalpy of formation=-174. kJ/mol)

2) Click to Load sample, record the fuel mass

3) Click Do Elemental analysis, check the elements, and

4) Click Do Combustion Analysis, record the product masses

Find the followings;

1) Compare mass ratio of C and H, (and possibly O) in the masses of Fuel and H2O and CO2 in the lab data and guess the chemical composition of the fuel. and check with the known chemical composition of your selected fuel.

2) Find the equation for combustion with Oxygen only (attached)

4) Estimate the Adiabatic Flame temperature with 100% air.

In order to calculate adiabatic flame temperature(AFT), since the AFT is defined as the maximum temperature (no heat transfer) in combustion with air, you need to rewrite the combustion chemical equation with the 100% air, in other words, n(O2 + 3.76 N2). Then, apply the enthalpy balance with Q=0 and follow the trial-error method as in the following document.

For chemical infor of your fuel;

refer to:

search your fuel and click on “Gas phase thermochemistry data” where the enthalpy of formation can be found.

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