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just complete code

just complete code

follow the UML complete code

From this website:

Scrape this table:

Table 2. Global Radiative Forcing, CO2-equivalent mixing ratio, and the AGGI 1979-2018

Scrapping this website is significantly easier than the website used in lab2. Store the data in a SQLite database.

Create 6 threaded agents: CO2,CH4,N2O,CFC12,CFC11,15-minor. These agents extract the data for their respective columns a year a time over the range 1979 thru 2018. When the data has been extracted, the agents plot a linear regression for each CO2-equivalent mixing ratio.

Only one agent can access the database at a time. The database only releases one line per request for data. The agents must make repeated requests for data. When all the data has been acquired, the agent plots the data.


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