Journal 19 Write Up


To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 19 answering the following prompt:
How often do you start a sentence or thought with “I wish . . .”? For some of us, that utterance might be a daily occurrence, and for others, it might be something we express once a week or month. Regardless of how often it is uttered, I know that we can all relate to its message. I know for me, I have said, multiple times since March, “I wish Covid would end,” and I bet I am not alone in that desire! Some of our wishes are trivial, “I wish it was not so hot,” but others are serious and heartfelt, “I wish I could have seen my dad one last time.” In the spirit of the wishes, I want to give you a chance to request three wishes, and, no, I don’t have the power to grant them.
If you saw Aladdin, then you know that there are rules:

  • you cannot wish for more wishes;
  • you cannot wish for someone to fall in love with you;
  • you cannot wish to bring someone back to life.

Other than those three limits, if you were able to have three wishes granted, what are they any why?
Write your answer in a paragraph (150-250 words).

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