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Job description analysis

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Select a current job posting that you would consider applying for. Write a 300-word analysis of the job description that includes details as to the extent to which the position fulfills certain criteria.

Use APA formatting.

    • Mental/physical tasks involved (ranging from judging, planning and managing to cleaning, lifting, etc.)
    • How the job will be done (the methods and equipment to be used)
    • Reason the job exists (including an explanation of job goals and how they relate to other positions in the company)
    • Qualifications needed (training, knowledge, skills, and personality traits)
Tips Tips for analyzing a job description

    • The job description is basically an outline of how the job fits in to the company and should include the job’s goals, responsibilities, and duties
    • Write down the job title and whom that person will report to
    • Develop a job statement or summary describing the position’s duties
    • Define how the job relates to other positions in the company
    • List any education requirements, desired experience and specialized skills or knowledge required.
    • Include salary range and benefits
    • List any physical or other special requirements associated with the job, as well as any occupational hazards

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