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IT Governance and Change Management theories

A business report that seeks to offer solutions aimed at avoiding governance shortcomings in contemporary major IT projects and operations. To complete this report you will need to research the case study and be able to critically evaluate it in your own words with respect to relevant IT Governance and Change Management theories, frameworks and concepts. This is an individual assessment task. You must use the template provided on Blackboard to complete this task.
To complete this report you will need to research the case study and be able to summarise it in your own words. You also need to identify, describe and critically analyse the IT Governance and Change Management theories, frameworks and concepts that you apply and analyse with reference to the case study.

The case study
You will be exploring the Ultranet system and the parent government department. See Case study details overleaf

 Preparing your report
You are to write a business report for Assessment 1B that reviews the IT governance and change management processes evident in the case study nominated for this purpose. Your report should consider the applicability of the various frameworks and standards that we examine in the course as possible remedies to the challenges apparent in the case study. Additionally, your report should present a remediation plan keeping in mind the importance of effective IT governance and change management.
Interpretation rules applying to the use of this case study for the report
Analyse the apparent governance failures (from the perspective of the Victorian Government) up to the point when the Ultranet was abandoned. You should also document the process that should be used to secure a new system and manage its ongoing use from an IT governance and change management perspective.

You should track the evolution of the governance in this case and come up with your recommendations. A word of caution applies. Some students will seek to find a remedy for this assignment by simply copying whatever they can find that describes what the relevant parties have done since the Auditor General’s report. Be warned the history of this case clearly reveals that there are no guarantees that government officials and company professionals regularly discharge their governance responsibilities effectively. Come up with your own analysis and recommendations and be prepared to evaluate the recommendations and activities of others critically, if this seems warranted.

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