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Investing Ethical Businesses

Investing Ethical Businesses

Part 1 Investigate the story of Betty Vinson, the WorldCom accountant who followed the orders of her superiors when they asked her to falsify accounts. Write a full summary of what happened and remember the following questions. Should be AT LEAST 2 paragraphs. Questions to consider include: What were the consequences of all WorldCom parties’ unethical actions? What happened to the company as a result of these ethical breaches? What do you think would have happened to Ms. Vinson if she had chosen not to follow orders? Why? What would you have done?

Part 2 Technology managers face specific ethical issues in their work. When it comes to a company’s technology infrastructure, there are few laws restraining what an employer can do in terms of tracking behavior, email, web use, and so on. It’s often up to IT managers and company executives to decide on the organization’s code of ethics. One example is the IT Professional Code of Conduct from Harvard University (…). Read this Computerworld article about ethical issues facing technology professionals:…. Choose one of the real world ethical dilemmas and answer what you would do in this case. Use the 5 step framework when answering this. End with a paragraph summarizing what you would do.

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