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Test II is to please answer in the form of short answers (one paragraph): FOUR of the following questions. Show the question along with the answer. 1. What is an example of collateral? (Please remember with ALL answers to give unique and specific examples, one per answer; “less is more”). 2. Why is inventory turnover so important to profit-ability? 3. How does one know if a KPI is effective? 4. Take a product category (soda, cars, deodorant, etc.) and give an example of that category in all three types of distribution. 5. What is an impressive example of a package/label? 6. Describe CLV, and as with all the others—within the context of one terrific example. (Hint to all: use the DB resource to bounce your ideas!) 7. Describe one of the theories in Chapter Ten. 8. What is an objective method of evaluation?


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