Interpersonal Concept Analysis Assignment

Interpersonal Concept Analysis Assignment

800-1000 words
3 sections
Choose a specific concept (one you didn’t know before you took the class)
For example…
Metamessages, the Perception process, confusing fact and inference, attribution theory, social comparison, self fulfilling prophecies, looking glass self, etc…
(Do Not Choose general concepts such as Interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, or verbal communication … Choose a more specific concept within those broad categories)

  • Define it as the book defines it
  • Develop a definition of it in your own words – as if you were explaining the concept to a friend


  • Give me a detailed example of a situation from your own life, a friends life, or a movie where you have seen this concept
  • Focus on describing the situation in depth.
  • Tell me the surroundings, actual dialogue between people, etc…

(now is the time for some deep thought/ critical thinking)
Here are some examples of things to explore:

  • Tell me how this example displays this concept.
  • Was the outcome positive or negative?
  • What did you learn from the situation?
    • About yourself, the other person/people
  • Would you do anything differently if you had the chance?
  • How would the outcome change if any of the elements were different?
  • Was your communication behavior appropriate?
  • Did your communication behavior meet expectations for the situation?
  • Has your communication behavior changed since this example?
  • Etc…


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