Inner Belt and the Inner Circle plans from the Boston Globe, Aug. 11, 1969

I want a a 10 mins ppt and presentation, before you start it, give me a outline of the whole ppt (better in 1-2 days). Then I will choose which part of the ppt that you have to do. The whole presentation is 25-35 mins, and we have three people so i only need to do a part in 10 mins. The following is for the whole presentation. If you want any reading from my syllabus just ask me, it is better if you can use it btw.
1. The slide presentation should include a title slide with the names of the students in your group, followed by a slide with an outline of the content of the presentation. The rest of the slides should include a combination of text and visual material with the appropriate captions. Please use a diverse range of historical photographs and pre-existing plans and maps to convey the content. Your group might also want to create custom maps, diagrams, and information graphics that synthesize your research and conclusions.
2. 25 – 35 minutes
3. Topic (number six in the following doc) :
A map showing elements of both the Inner Belt and the Inner Circle plans from the Boston Globe, Aug. 11, 1969.In the 1960s, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced a plan to extend I-95north from I-128 through the Boston neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury to connect toan “Inner Belt” that would route the highway extension through sections of Cambridge andSomerville. The plan was challenged by a broad coalition of anti-highway activists. As the resultof well-organized protests and growing opposition, Governor Francis Sargent abruptly cancelledthe project in 1972.Groups researching this project should present maps that show the full route of the plannedhighway network, maps and photographs of the small sections of the highway that were built,

and the land takings and demolition that occurred before the project was stopped. In addition,these groups should describe the coalition that stopped the highway, their varied interests, andthe coordinated tactics that ultimately convinced the Governor to change course


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