Information on PTSD

Information on PTSD

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I’m studying for my Biology class and need an explanation.
The chosen article must present a new finding or discovery in science. (Within the past five years.) Carefully read this article and analyze it to answer the following questions. (ARTICLE ALREADY CHOOSEN)

  • Briefly summarize the article. What did they study? What did they find?
  • What is the observation being addressed? Is it an anomalous observation?
  • What type of explanation (or explanations) are used? Are alternative explanations presented? Are reasons given why the specific explanation presented was chosen?
  • How was the explanation tested? Was the test/tests used decisive?
  • Is it a causal study? If so, what type? Were the causal links properly established? Explain.
  • Did the paper contain any fallacies disguised as science? Describe them.
  • What conclusions were made? Were the conclusions presented supported by the test results?
  • Were any new questions raised by the conclusions?

Your answers should be as long as it needs to be to concisely communicate the information needed. In the past, effective answers took 3-4 pages. Use as many words as is necessary to fully address each of the questions. For full credit, include enough discussion to support each of your answers.… ( Article)


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