Individually Written Business Plan

Prepare a business plan including a Go-to-Market Strategy for your Africa-focused venture addressing the following key items: 

  1. Problem (to be solved) 
  2. (Identified) Solution 
  3. (Target) Market and Competitive Situation 
  4. (Operating) Business Model 
  5. Magic (Unique Experience you will offer customers} 
  6. Sales & Marketing Plan/Strategies (Go-to-market/entry strategies) 
  7. Differentiators (or Branding) 
  8. Team (background and why you) 
  9. Financial Projections 
  10. Timeline (your launch and action plan) 
  11. The Social Impact or contribution through the venture
  12. Potential Partner(s) 
  13. Risks and Challenges of operating in the market (and strategies for overcoming them)
  14. Others

(Between 2,000-2,500 words) 

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