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Required Textbooks: Marcum, Cyber Crime, 2nd ed., Wolters Kluwer Pub, 2019 (ISBN: 9781543800234). • Yar & Steinmetz, Cybercrime and Society, 3rd ed., Sage, 2019 (ISBN: 9781526440655) Instructions: Cybercrime/Cyber victimization Term Paper Directions: You will write a term paper that discusses and analyzes a cybercrime offense or victimization. You must submit the paper through Turnitin to ensure originality. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of zero and an F in the course. You will be able to test your originality score and correct defects found by Turnitin prior to the final submission for grade, see COAS policy for penalties for plagiarism. The term paper is due on Sunday by midnight during Week 5 of the term. Your final paper must be at least 7 pages long, NOT INCLUDING cover pages, abstracts, OR bibliographies. We are talking 7 pages of content here. Your reference page must include a minimum of 4 refereed journal articles. You must cite references in APA style. If you are unfamiliar with APA style you may consult these online tools: • Citation Machine’s “A Comprehensive Guide to APA Citations and Format” • Mendeley’s “APA Format Citation Guide”


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