ethical responsibilities

In March 2009, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” interviewed CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer about his role in the financial crisis gripping the nation at that time. In the interview, Stewart claims that the financial news industry has certain ethical responsibilities to the viewing public, which Cramer and his colleagues violated. Read the attached article about the interview.
In a 3 page paper APA style paper, please provide evidence-based responses to the following five questions:

  • What were Jim Cramer’s ethical responsibilities as a financial news reporter?
  • Did Cramer and his colleagues at CNBC and other financial news outlets violate those ethical responsibilities?
  • Did Cramer and his colleagues violate the public’s trust?
  • Which of the six dimensions of trust might be applicable to this situation?
  • 1 Competency/Capacity
  • 2Character (internal constraints)
  • 3 Alignment of interests (motive)
  • 4 Potential loss/gain
  • 5 Available alternatives
  • 6 Effectiveness of external constraints
  • What could Cramer and his colleagues have done differently to avoid criticism?


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