Global Marketing
Part A                                                                                    Marks: 100 (weighted 40%)                         Individual
Students will be provided with a case study that they are required to analyse. Then, supporting their analysis with extensive reference to the marketing literature, they should answer the following four questions:

  1. Carry out a SWOT analysis for Adidas.
  2. Compare the global marketing strategies of Adidas and Nike, identifying their goals and evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies in achieving these goals.
  3. Identify which region you believe represents the greatest growth opportunity for Adidas in the next five years and explain why?
  4. Devise a marketing plan, using those elements of the marketing mix you deem appropriate, to enable Adidas to achieve market leadership in the global sportswear industry.

Marking Scheme:

Requirement: Demonstrated By: Marks:
Evidence of Research Wide reading outside of case study
Synthesis of multiple perspectives
Relevant examples and context
Analysis & Evaluation Critical examination of information presented
Interrogation of data supported by appropriate models
Conclusion and Recommendations  based on evidence Relevance of recommendation
Grounded in evidence through research
Range & quality of sources Academic literature
Industry sources
Trade Press
Quality of Submission Adherence to Written Work Guidelines
Academic Writing
Use of Harvard referencing
Total   100


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