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i want a scientific report for my heat transfer in mechanical engineering

this is the subject

  1. Water distillation by solar power

this is the required thing

  1. Page limitation: Your report should not be less than 8 pages (without references, figures and tables).


  1. Evaluation of the report: It is based on the content of your report (the content of the report is more important than the number of pages).
  2. Plagiarism: The similarity of your report will be evaluated by Turnitin and the percentage of the similarity should be less than 25%.
  3. The number of reviewed papers: There is not any limitation in this case, but each student should review at least 8 scientific articles.
  4. There is not any limitation for the number of Figures or tables, however you should just put the related caption (bold it) in the manuscript and put the figures and tables (with their captions) at the end of the manuscript after references. For example in the manuscript you have:Figure 1 illustrates the experimental setup for heat recovery in the organic Rankin cycle.Figure 1. Experimental setup for heat recovery in the organic Rankin cycleThen put this caption and related figure at the end of the manuscript after references.
  5. The format of manuscript; Font: 12, Times New Roman, Line spacing 1.5, page numberingis required)
  6. How to write the report: First page: The title of the report (font 16), the name of the studentand email (font 12), Abstract (maximum 250 characters), Key words (3-6 key words), Second page to the end: Introduction, content of the paper(based on the literature review you will have several headlines), conclusion, references.
  7. References should be imported by by numbers ([1], [2],..) not name of authors.
  8. Website citation is acceptable. Do not forget to put it in the list of references

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