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I need help with my Statement of Intent for Grad School

Your Professional Statement of Intent is a very important part of your application. It should be a well-written and carefully crafted paper that is 900-1,500 words in length. It is required that you address each of the following:

  1. Describe a social problem that relates to social justice.
    1. Indicate potential solutions to the problem
    2. Indicate potential challenges that could surface
    3. Incorporate social work ethical values and principles that will guide your approach to addressing this problem
  2. Describe your goals in the social work profession.
    1. Indicate the academic, professional, and life experiences that have prepared you for this program
    2. Indicate your preparedness as it pertains to working with socially and economically disadvantaged populations
    3. Specify the resources and supports available to you to successfully complete the MSW degree program and manage challenges that may include the academic rigor of the program as well as the stress that is common to working with intense life experiences of people and communities served by social workers.

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