Question of the Project: Can we learn about future hydrocarbon potential from post mortem Analysis of the existing fields?

The vast majority of conventional hydrocarbon discoveries within the Evergreen Formation and Precipice Sandstone lie on the western flank of the Mimosa Syncline. The distribution of the commercial petroleum accumulations reservoired in the Precipice Sandstone and Evergreen Formation on the Roma Shelf appear to be controlled by the presence or absence of sand bodies rather than on hydrocarbon charge being a critical control. Regionally, both the Rewan Formation and the Snake Creek Mudstone act as barriers to the vertical migration of hydrocarbons from deeper source rocks. Where these units are wither eroded or not deposited, hydrocarbons can then access stratigraphically younger units which suggests that the primary hydrocarbon charge for the Evergreen Formation accumulations on the Roma Shelf and Saint George-Bollon Slope have likely been provided by deeper Permian source rocks

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