Human Dignity and commercial surrogacy

In early 2014, baby Gammy (or read the transcript) was born with his twin sister to a Thai surrogate mother, Pattharamon Chanbua. An Australian couple had commissioned Pattharamon Chanbua carry the twins in a commercial surrogacy arrangement, using the intended father’s sperm (the identity of the egg provider is under dispute). However, when Gammy was prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome, the agent acting on behalf of the Australian couple allegedly asked the surrogate mother to terminate the pregnancy, a request she refused. Finally, the Australian couple collected Gammy’s twin sister from the agency in Thailand, but allegedly left Gammy behind with Pattharamon Chanbua.1 This incident created a major scandal when the news broke out in Australian and Thai media, leading Thai authorities to quickly clamp down (or read the transcript) on all foreign parents attempting to leave the country with children born of Thai surrogate mothers. The case of baby Gammy ignited debate in Australia about the possibility of uniform national regulation, as well as decriminalisation and legalisation (or read the transcript) for commercial surrogacy arrangements between Australians and overseas agencies. On the other hand, circumstances specific to the baby Gammy case has also led to calls to judge the ethics of commercial surrogacy (and any proposed changes……

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