How to Calculate Sample Size using Andrew Fisher Formula

Sample Size

Formula by Andrew fisher will be used by the researcher to determine the sample size of the study. According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2014) breast cancer accounted for 27.3% of deaths in Kuwaiti women. Breast cancer in Kuwaiti in 2018 accounted for (814, 39.8%) of total 2,043 new cancer cases among female of all ages (Globocan 2018; Siegel et al., 2018). The sample size was determined using the formula recommended by fisher et al. (1998), as follows:


          Where;  n= the desired sample size (if the target population is greater than 10,000), ·         z= the standard normal deviate at the required confidence level (1.96), p= the proportion in the target population estimated to have characteristic of interest the researcher estimated to be 39.8% (0.398), q= 1-p   (1-0.398 =0.602), d=level of statistical significance set which is 0.05



n =  368 respondents

Since the target population in this study is less than 10,000 and formula to find (nf) is used


nf =desired sample size when population is less than 10,000; n=   the desired sample size when population is more than 10,000; N =the estimate of the population size (2,043 cancer cases among female)


The researcher will use  312 respondents as the sample size

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