How it Works (Step-by-Step)

DataedySolution is marketplace where Employers (Students) meets with Freelancers (Tutors)

  • As an Employer, you can post projects/homework and find suitable Freelancer to work on their projects.
  • As a Freelancers, you can find and apply for jobs and earn income.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide of How it Works

1. Login/Sign-Up

  • Login or Sign-up for an Employer Account

2. Post a Project/Homework

  • Click “Post your Homework” button and Fill the details of your Homework/Project
  • Choose your Budget, Time Needed (Urgency), Subject & Skills

3. Receive Bids

  • You will receive bids from Online Tutors/Freelancers (These are vetted Tutors)
  • You can also invite your preferred Tutor/Freelancer

4. Accept a Bid

  • Review the bids and “Accept Bid” of the best tutor based on their Bid Price, Skills & Reputation
  • Our system uses Credit to hire Tutors/Freelancers. 1Credit = $1(USD)
  • If you have credit in your account, you can use it to hire your selected tutor/freelancer.
  • If you do not have enough credit, you will be prompted to “Buy Credit”, equal to the Bid Price of your Tutor/freelancer.
  • After buying credit, now you can use it to “Accept Bid” and select your best tutor

NB/ By Buying credit, you deposit the money with Escrow, which you will release only if you are satisfied with the work of the tutor.

5. Open the Workspace

  • Once you accept bid, a Workspace Platform opens, where you can have further discussion regarding the project.
  • Here, you can share private messages and files.

6. Complete the project

  • Once the Tutor/Freelancer is done, he will upload the work on Workspace
  • If you are satisfied with this project, click “Finish” button and write a Review for the freelancer/Tutor. (This will also release payment to Freelancer/Tutor)
  • If not satisfied with the work, you can request tutor to do Amendments, or you can click the “Close” button to send a dispute to the admin
In case of a question, chat our online support team

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