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my topic is (Coronary Artery Disease)
for the powerpoint put a note for each slide and pictures
Topic: Explore a disease of your choice (needs to be justified)
Contents (example):

  • Discuss all available treatment options (medicine, etc.)
  • Research a recent medical device invention (2018 onwards) related to the disease

Students shall cover following study subjects:

  • Normal Anatomy
  • Disease pathophysiology
  • Available treatment options
  • Your ideas and opinions
  • How does the medical device invention help (any stakeholder)

Review and Presentation Timeline:

    • part 1 progress review of your Assignment Concept and Title Discussion (5 min per student)
    • part 2 progress review of your contents discussion (5 min per student)
    • part 3 final report and assignment due, in-class presentation (10 min per student)
  • report and power point also put a note on the slide

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