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HIV/AIDs screening, accessing cancer screening

Choose a topic of interest to you. Can be from the above list of current world event topics/issues (from Paper 1). You can focus on the same topic/issue from Paper 1 or focus on a different topic/issue. Please submit to Blackboard the topic/issue and the specific research question(s) you will be focusing on for your Mini-Research Paper, for Professor approval. You will need to search the research literature (published peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals) to find scientific articles that examine your topic/issue. Because most topics/issues are very broad and scientific articles focus on very specific research questions to examine within a particular research study, you will need to Narrow your Topic to 1-2 specific research questions. For example, if you choose mental health as your topic, you will need to narrow this into a specific question(s), such as “How can we design culturally responsive and effective interventions to support resilience building in African American women?” (Notice that this is a pretty specific question – focused on understanding the design of “culturally responsive and effective interventions” for “resilience building” and in the specific population of “African American women”). You will need to focus on specific variables or constructs/concepts (e.g., resilience, quality of life, depression, suicidal ideation or behavior, attitudes, identity, self-efficacy, accessing healthcare treatment, participating in prevention community programs, vaping, medication adherence, accessing HIV/AIDs screening, accessing cancer screening, academic achievement of racial/ethnic minority youth, college retention, recycling behavior, civic/political engagement, parenting, mother-child attachment, discrimination of LGTBQIA, coping with stress, immigrant acculturation or integration into a new country, supporting the education of refugee students). You will also need to focus on a specific population or community based on some of the following demographics: gender, sexual orientation, nationality, immigrant status, racial/ethnic identity, socio-economic status, age, disability, religion/spirituality. You can focus on one of these social identities/statuses or the intersection of these social identities/statuses, such as gender and racial/ethnic identity (African American women). The articles you choose can apply different methods (Quantitative- e.g., survey, experiments OR Qualitative- e.g., individual interviews, focus groups, field observations). We will learn more about research methods for Chapter 2. The structure you should follow to help organize and frame your question(s) is: Choose your Independent Variable (IV): ________________________________________ Choose your Dependent Variable (DV): _________________________________________ Choose your Population/Community: _______________________________________ Write your question(s) using this structure: For the above example the IV = culturally responsive intervention; DV or outcome = resilience; Population/Community = African American women. Please submit your question(s) to Blackboard for approval using this above structure. This structure will also help you search the research literature for scientific articles in psychology that typically use this general structure to frame their research questions or hypotheses. Your IVs and DVs and Population/Community will also essentially serve as your keyterms for searching the Databases for research articles. You should search the following databases for peer-reviewed research articles: PsychInfo, PubMed, or Google Scholar. Find 4-5 research articles that focus on your research question(s). Write 4-6 pages for your Mini-Research Paper (not including Reference page). You will need to do the following when writing your paper: 1) Write 1-2 introductory paragraphs introducing your topic and questions/hypotheses. 2) Write a brief summary of each 4-5 research articles. 3) Write a synthesis of your 4-5 research articles – comparing and contrasting the information across the research articles, main theories/concepts used, main methods used, main findings from research, limitations or challenges or research, implications or beneficial knowledge that can be applied to developing new or enhancing existing programs/interventions and policies. 4) Write 1-2 concluding paragraphs sharing what you learned from reading the research articles – what is the most interesting/fascinating findings, the challenges, or implications for applying the research findings to supporting diverse communities, improving health or education policy, or helping us think of better ways to design initiatives or policies to promote more ethics and compassion in health prevention, treatment, or creating more socially or environmentally just societies. Please follow APA formatting for your paper, including citing references in text and reference page. Independent variable:caregivers Dependent variable:coping with Alzheimer Research question: how caregivers can help ppl coping with Alzheimer and reduce the stress of the family.


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