Hi I need help my homework Plan to Support Intellectual Development

Utilizing one of the books you mentioned in your group discussion in week 11, How to support the intellectual development of children, and create a circle time plan. You will need to address in the objectives the intellectual skill you will be focusing on. You will also need to have directions on how you will gather the children and how you will transition them out after the circle time is over. Think of creative ways to do this. Also, include any other activities you might do during the circle time to support the topic besides just the reading of the book. Will you hold a class discussion, will you have a supporting finger play or music activity, will you have an investigative box to explore, etc. Remember a child who has intellect can reason and understand objectively abstract or academic matters so you will need to be creative to decide on a focus for the activity and remember it needs to incorporate one of the books from this weeks discussion topic.
Activity Plan Guideline
To receive full credit…..
1) Develop a circle time activity plan based on one of the books you shared in the Week 11 group discussion
2) Submit a full lesson plan for your classmates to view and add to their portfolio if they choose
3) View your classmates plans and add the ones you like to your portfolio.

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