1. Discuss how your knowledge about systems thinking and change management could be vital in establishing service chain value. 2. How can a health care organization create an effective social media initiative in its marketing program that would support the organization’s overall marketing agenda. 3. Explain what would be your approach if a particular stakeholder group was unhappy with a critical decision you made. 4. Discuss ways to perform accurate workforce planning and analysis for both the administrative/management staff, as well as for the clinical staff. 5. What positions and/or departments should be included in the membership of a hospital ethics committee? 6. How would you develop an in-service program on budgeting for new department directors? 7. What role should physicians and a hospital’s medical staff play in the organization’s informational systems? 8. How do you convince employees and staff that regulatory compliance is critical for the organization’s success and not about adhering to perceived annoying rules and practices.

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