HCAD 600

he board has created an innovation fund designed to foster improved quality, increased access, or reduced costs in healthcare delivery.  Select a health information technology related to genomics, precision medicine, or diagnostics that you propose to be funded for implementation.  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that describes the selected health information technology, what it does, why it would be beneficial, and what risks may be involved. Please note, this activity is weighted 5% toward the final grade. The PowerPoint should be no more than 5-6 slides with the presenter’s notes. Follow the APA format. 

After porting your PPT, comment on the 2 other PPPs with regard to structure, formatting, content value, and critical thinking. Provide feedback in a narrative format in a positive tone suggesting resources for improvement. 

P.S please be able to use my school library for the information, not online searches.

This is the library site


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