Governance, Leadership, And Integration

 HA4120D – Management of Continuum Care Services 

Assignment 06: Governance, Leadership, and Integration


Prepare a 3-4 page, double-spaced  (cite 3-4 reliable sources) that addresses the following:

• Elect an integrated healthcare organization that you are familiar with.

• Discuss the overall relationship between the governing body and administration.

• Discuss the regulations concerning the governing body.

• Discuss the responsibilities of the governing body (develop mission/operational strategies, determine programs and services and monitor them, provide adequate resources and oversee effective management, ensure legal and ethical integrity of the organization, etc.).

• Discuss functions of administration and specific responsibilities of the CEO.

• Discuss the role of leadership in long-term care.

• Detail potential problem areas in the board-administration relationship.

• Detail financing integration strategies used in the coordination of care within your selected Integrated Health System.

• Address the concept of vision and how administrators and board members can work together to share a common vision within their organization.

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