Global business assignment

Global business assignment

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Global business assignment
All the instructions are in the attached file.
Only choose worlwide known company.

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BCO311 – Global Business Task brief & rubrics Task (Midterm) The digital era has had a huge impact on many different business models and how they have been able to scale or how they have gone out of business. Using what you have learned from this course and other courses, you will be required to choose one global business and analyze how technology has had an effect on that business. These effects can be positive or negative, but you are required to support your analysis with factual data (not just your opinion). You will also be asked to give recommendations on how you think the business could have been managed differently. Ideas: You may choose a brick and mortar retailer that has been affected by eCommerce (either negatively or positively) You may choose a business that is based purely on their technological business model (Online learning platforms) You may choose a blended model that uses both physical and virtual resources (Car sharing businesses) Expectations: Attempt to provide a unique prospective to your analysis. One that has not been discussed or an innovative solution to a common problem. Be sure to reference our course material (webinars, discussions, etc) and use industry-based tools such as SWOT analysis, PESTLE, etc. Deliverable: Your final submission should include the following: – an introduction about the company – the problem identified / how technology has enhanced the business – what were the causes that led to the mentioned problem (s) – proposed solutions for problems – conclusion (should the company have gone global, did it move to the wrong regions, etc) Formalities: • Wordcount: Maximum of 3000 words • • • • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendices are excluded of the total wordcount. Font: Arial / Times New Roman 12 pts. Text alignment: Justified. The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style. Submission: Week (4) – Via Moodle (Turnitin). November 1, 2020 – 11:59pm Weight: This task is a 30% of your total grade for this subject. It assesses the following learning outcomes: • • Outcome 1: Demonstrates knowledge of technology and a digital presence for global expansion. Outcome 2: Demonstrates an understanding of risk-benefit analysis as it pertains to ecommerce, digital applications and mobile based businesses. Rubrics Application (30%) Student applies fully relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Good 80-89 Student demonstrates good understanding of the task and mentions some relevant concepts and demonstrates use of the relevant vocabulary. Student applies mostly relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Critical Thinking (30%) Student critically assesses in excellent ways, drawing outstanding conclusions from relevant authors. Student critically assesses in good ways, drawing conclusions from relevant authors and references. Communication (20%) Student communicates their ideas extremely clearly and concisely, respecting word count, grammar and spellcheck Student communicates their ideas clearly and concisely, respecting word count, grammar and spellcheck Knowledge & Understanding (20%) Exceptional 90-100 Student demonstrates excellent understanding of key concepts and uses vocabulary in an entirely appropriate manner. Fair 70-79 Student understands the task and provides minimum theory and/or some use of vocabulary. Student applies some relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Misunderstanding may be evident. Student provides some insights but stays on the surface of the topic. References may not be relevant. Student communicates their ideas with some clarity and concision. It may be slightly over or under the wordcount limit. Some misspelling errors may be evident. Marginal fail 60-69 Student understands the task and attempts to answer the question but does not mention key concepts or uses minimum amount of relevant vocabulary. Student applies little relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Misunderstands are evident. Student makes little or none critical thinking insights, does not quote appropriate authors, and does not provide valid sources. Student communicates their ideas in a somewhat unclear and unconcise way. Does not reach or does exceed wordcount excessively and misspelling errors are evident. …

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