Getting Started With SPSS

SPSS stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”. It is a software used in data analysis editing and sorting. This first tutorial with provide you with the basic introduction to the SPSS program.

Knowing SPSS Windows

SPSS has multiple windows, which are associated with specific tasks. Data Editor, Output Viewer, Syntax Editor, Pivot Table Editor, Chart Editor, and Text Output Editor.

Data Editor

It is the default window, which starts when SPSS opens. It displays the data content, and has command for data analysis. T resembles a spreadsheet, where columns represents variables and rows represents cases. Data editor has two tabs at the bottom; Data View and Variable View. Data View tab displays the data set in rows and columns. Variable View tab displays the information regarding the variables.

Output View

When you carry out any command on SPSS, the results are displayed in the output view, which opens automatically. It also displays the command executed in the drop-down menu. It has two sections; the left section presents the outline of the content on the output view window on the right. It helps in scrolling if you have many output.

Syntax Editor

It is an alternative programing language, which could be used to execute command instead of the drop-down menu. It is used for statistical analysis and data manipulation. To open a new Syntax Editor window, click File > New > Syntax


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