Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences

Read Chap 1 – Thermofluids 1
Read Chap 10 – Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences
EAS109e Thermo – Fluid Mechanics
January 2018
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – parameters
• The basic of Fluid Mechanics
1. Definition of a fluid. Liquids and Gases
Density , Relative Density RD, vapour pressure pv
2. Pressure, p or P
3. Flow parameters (flow velocity u or v, (volumetric)
flow rate Q or q
4. Power = pressure change x volumetric flow rate
5. Properties of fluids in fluid flow (density-, viscosity
kinematic - and dynamic -.
The frictional effects caused by viscosity will be a key
area of study in fluid mechanics
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – pressure
Please read SU1-6 to 1-11
gauge pressure, vacuum, absolute pressure
Pressure, p – [N/m2]; [Pa], kPa, MPa; bar
head, h = 𝑝
𝜌𝑔 units are related to liquid,
e.g. 140mmHg or 10.34 mH2O
Patmos atmospheric pressure = 101kPa
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics – (volumetric) flow
Please read SU1-11 to 1-14

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