Final Project: Energy Saving Public Campaign

Imagine this scenario. You are a member of a communication team in a non-profit organization whose mission is protecting the natural environment. 

Your job is creating an energy saving public campaign targeting UAlbany students. You need to write a paper explaining the strategy applied to the campaign. The paper should contain the following three elements.

a) Campaign goal: What do you want to achieve with the campaign? The examples of campaign goals would be raising awareness on the issue, changing public’s beliefs about the causes of global warming, or changing a specific behavior to reduce the amount of energy consumption. Think about the current beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of UAlbany students and what changes should be made to reduce energy consumption. Be specific about what belief/attitude/or behavior you want to change.

b) Persuasion strategy: Explain how to persuade UAlbany students to change the target belief, attitude, or behavior. Your campaign strategy must be based on scientific research. Explain the scientific studies or theories you have applied to the strategy in detail. 

c) Measurement of the campaign effects: Describe how you will measure your success. Include the scales you would use to empirically test whether the campaign goal is achieved.

You need to use credible sources such as reputable journalistic sources (e.g., New York Times and Financial Times) and scholarly sources (e.g., Google Scholar, UAlbany Library databases) to support your arguments. Include the list of references at the end of the paper. 4-5 pages (references are not counted).

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