Final Assessment Macroeconomic RMIT

Section A:•For each question, explain whether the given statement is true, false or uncertain. •Start your answer by selecting one of the options –“True”, “False” and “Uncertain” •and then provide arguments to justify your selection in 100 or less words

Section B:•Contains three scenario-based questions.•All the questions have 3 subparts.•Instructions including word limits for each subparts are provided within the questions.

For mathematical calculations, you must state the equation used as well as each step in your calculations. For diagrams you can either draw directly in the word document using ‘shapes’ and ‘text boxes’ for labelling (please remember to ‘group’ all your diagram items as they are likely to move on in your document) or you can draw the diagram free-hand on paper, take a photo and paste into the word document. Do not copy and paste diagrams out of textbooks, web pages, provided lecture slides……. This must represent your own work.You will be provided with clear instructions as how to complete each part of the questions.  You just need to follow to those instructions.

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