Film & Theater Studies

Film & Theater Studies

Please see the screenshots for instructions. Formatting and details are very important I’ve also attached 2 examples of other students work. One is a strong response and another is something that could be referenced.

** Please use DIFFERENT examples for c & d(different from the strong response pdf.)

notes: prompt 2, theater/live performance as a path to the authentic self, is about figuring how we see people use live performances to show the audience members that the character is finding their authentic self do we see an artist perform a heartfelt song and tell us about their emotional process behind the song? do we see a main character seperate themselves from everyone else and then get on stage or engage in a monologue where they realize all their friends are fake or that their parents have been forcing their dreams on their child? Prompt 3 definition: you would need to include the way that events or processes that happen in the neoliberal workplace show up in reality TV are there similarities and if so what are they? Theater Studies

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