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Film: Do the Right Thing

Film: Do the Right Thing


Paper details:

Theory Application Paper In order to better comprehend the crime causation theories addressed in this course, students will apply theories to film. Write a 4 to 6 page analysis of the film that you chose. Because films vary on topics, themes, “myths,” and settings/context, I am leaving the content of you paper up to you. Good/better papers will incorporate material from the assigned readings, and/or from other academic literature. If you use a source outside of the class material, please provide a citation for that source. Otherwise you may cite “in‐text” without providing a reference page. Outstanding papers (those worthy of an A grade) typically incorporate outside research (not necessarily “library research”) where necessary. An example would be including a brief biography of the film’s director. NOTE: This is an example, if the film’s director is not central to the topic you explore, please do not include her/his biography in your paper. Areas you might address include: • The social context of the film • Ideology • Causes of crime • Crime/criminal justice myths • Race and/or gender myths • Stock plots/characters, genre


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