Perform data science with SPSS.To do so, students are supposed to apply a method for data collection, execute two different statistical tests, answer a research question and finally write a research report (project paper). Reporting of results as well as tables and figures have to follow the APA-Styleguide. Work with the dataset given to you. The research paper has to be 7-12 pages. APA Guidelines shall apply for reporting of results. Your paper should have the following structure: 1. Relevance (1 Page) 2. Research Question and Hypotheses (1 Page) 3. Method and Measures (1 Page) 4. Results (3-5 Pages) 5. Conclusion (2 Pages) Please read the following case You started to work at a consulting company that is advising organizations in the context of an observed rising awareness regarding sustainable behavior in society. One of the customers of your company is a startup (“Fairly Stylish”) that produces fair trade fashion. The startup already has managed to create a lot of media attention and social media buzz and is also presenting a fair trade fashion collection on the Berlin fashion week. However, revenues are still very low and “Fairly Stylish” wants to know how it can boost its business. Your company has collected some data about “fair trade”, “social media consumption” and “personality” with a representative sample (n=50) from the German population. The head of your department now wants you to do some analyses as a basis for advising “Fairly Stylish” on its task to create a better business. 2. Please select one of the following three research questions regarding the “Fairly Stylish” Case RQ1: “Who are the people that spend money on fair trade fashion” RQ2: “What are the factors that make people buy fair trade fashion” RQ3: “What is a promising communication/advertising strategy to promote the ideas of Fairly Stylish?” 3. Now, create two “Dependent Hypotheses” and two “Differential Hypotheses” that should be tested to answer your research question. 4. Finally, create a short research paper (7-12 pages) that is answering your research question and that could be sent to your customer “Fairly Stylish” as a helpful document for making evidence-based management decisions. Give advice on where to focus to grow the business.

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