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Explain why LRU is considered the perfect replacement policy in cached memory performance.

Question One (30 Marks)

Using an illustrative diagram as necessary, describe the characteristics and components of a programmable machine based on the Von-Neumann model.

(5 marks)

Write brief comparative notes on the bus and the central switch based system interconnection structures.

(5 marks)

Outline the internal organization of the hard-disk using the terms cylinder, head, track and sector.

(4 marks)


Briefly explain the role of the cached memory in a typical computer system.

(2 marks)

Provide a convincing argument that the presence of an appropriate sized cache results in overall system performance enhancement

(3 marks)

Briefly explain instruction pipelining as a performance enhancement technique.

(3 marks)

Superscalar architectures endeavor to exploit instruction level paradism (ILP). Explain

(3 marks)

Using an illustrative diagram explain the shared disk multi-computer cluster architecture. Also, explain the objectives of highly available server and fault tolerant server design approaches.

(5 marks)

Question Two (20 marks)







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