Executive Summary (6 Slides)


  1. Using your responses to the 6.3 Discussion: Analyzing Information System Infrastructure(find this discussion response in attchments), prepare a short PowerPoint presentation as an executive summary of your observations that could be presented to your management team.
  2. Prepare your PowerPoint based on the following outline:
    1. Provide an introduction to your presentation.
    2. Prepare at least one slide that shows the (a) mission or vision of the organization, and (b) information technology response to meeting that mission or vision.
    3. Provide a slide that demonstrates a strength in the current IT strategy.
    4. Provide a slide that discusses one weakness you see in the current IT strategy.
    5. Prepare at least one slide that provides your recommendations or suggestions for improvement.
    6. Provide a conclusion to your presentation that summarizes your points.
  3. Your presentation should be a minimum of six slides. Keep your points to no more than four bullets per slide. You may use any acceptable background for your presentation. You may wish to stay with the templates provided by the presentation software you are using.
  4. Be sure to use good presentation skills, and check your grammar.

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