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EXAM 2 history questions, open ended style. NEED DONE IN 1 HOUR



– Answer either Question #1 or Question #2.

– Thenanswer either Question #3 or Question #4.

– Your responses should be in essay format, double-spaced, and typed.

– There is no length limitbut try to complete each response within 45

minutes, as you have only a total of 95 minutes for the entire exam.

– Keep your responses concise and to the point, but make sure you

answer the EXACT question fully.

– Please feel free to use your notes and our textbooks.

– Return your responses to me by email, no later than

2:45 PM today.

– Good Luck!

[You MUST answer either Question #1 or Question #2]

Q1.In Plato’s The Republic, Socrates makes the argument that we cannot truly

be happy in our lives until we have learned the skill of “taking charge of

our minds.”Explain i) what Plato asserts about the structure and

functioning of our minds, ii) what Plato meant by “taking charge of

our minds,” and iii) why Plato’s advice is or is not relevant to your


Q2. Please describe and elaborate on how Classical Greek philosophy

fundamentally changed Man’s mental approach to life.

[You MUST answer either Question #3 or Question #4]

Q3.During the life of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ was born and the new

faith of Christianity began to come into conflict with Rome.Explain and

discuss at least three (3) examples of how the principles of

Christianity and the Roman approach to life were in direct conflict.

Q4. One of the important themes of this course is: “History is not as remote as

you may think.”Does the Roman Empire serve as a good example

of that theme?If so, why?If not, why not?

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