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Option 3 – Content analysis The objectives of this project are to recognize ethical issues in actual media coverage; apply critical skills of reason and analysis to an actual ethical problem; tolerate ambiguity in treatment of ethical issues; apply ethical theories to a case study. You’ll gain insights into the media decision-making process. Your results may reveal a surprising bias in treatment of an issue. a. Choose a recent event or issue that’s received wide coverage in the media, and that clearly suggests ethical considerations. It may be an event in the news, such as some aspect of a presidential campaign, terrorism, wars, violence, or local political campaign, abortion protests, race issues, repeal and the health law etc. Your choice should reflect your interests but needs to be something that’s been covered enough to give you material to analyze. b. Read, listen to, or watch every story on that subject, gathering at least 10 or so stories. c. Analyze coverage emphasizing important ethical concerns, such as bias, truth, fairness, economic considerations, competition, deception, emotional and rational approach, etc. You can also analyze images shown in photos and video. d. The results of your content analysis should be 10-12 pages, double-spaced typewritten. Graphs and illustrations can be used if necessary, to complement your project. e. Give an overview of the general ethical issues raised on the issue. f. Identify and discuss the ethical theories that support your research.

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