Estimate the lateral and stratigraphic continuity of the hydrocarbon phases

The major objective of the project is to conduct a field case study assessment on the Yarrabend Gas Field, which is a Conventional Gas Field, located on the west side of the Surat Basin. The study aims to review previous literature and technical analysis of the field, gather available public domain data and  conduct a post-mortem examination to determine if there is any remaining development potential in light of todays knowledge of the basin and its hydrocarbon systems.The analysis will approach the subject from a field perspective, establishing the hydrocarbon phase continuity (geographically and stratigraphically), indicate the relationship existing with the sealing elements that trap the pool, and investigate the relationship between the field and the regional geology as well as the other hydrocarbon accumulations in the region.  This objective is to be supported through the expert evaluation of the free water level and gas contact position for the various reservoir sands.

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