In this essay, you will do the following:

  1. Define/describe Apartheid
  2. Share Noah’s purpose for writing this narrative and how he achieved or did not achieve his purpose for writing
  3. Identify one conflict that Noah faced in his early life as he experienced the realities of Apartheid
  4. Tell how he addressed his own conflicts
  5. Propose ways in which you can use your resources to help Noah solve the one conflict you identified. (Your proposal should be detailed)


Your last essay draft, Draft Writing Assignment #3, should be designed as a proposal essay. In this essay you will propose a feasible solution to the problem that is articulated below and that is based on the Trevor Noah narrative introduced in his book, Born A Crime. 

NOTE: Additional sources are not required, but if you find a source that helps you make your proposal more effective, by all means use it! Be sure to include in-text citations and add all additional sources to your Works Cited page.


Write a 5 full-page essay that proposes a feasible solution that can be implemented at the college-level to aid in solving the societal views on one problem that is presented in the Trevor Noah narrative that he introduces in his book, Born A Crime. The problem should be something that Noah faced in his early years that you think is so important and pivotal that it deserves a solution. Topics may include the following: Racial injustice, racial favoritism, interracial marrying, segregation, sodomy, Apartheid government, and racial identity. You may have another topic that you prefer and that’s just fine. 

NOTE: Your personal view(s) on the problem is perfectly welcome and is requiredYou can agree and/or disagree with the texts offered in this assignment in the form of arguments and counterarguments. What I am interested in is your ability to describe the conflicting views, present your view(s), and offer your proposal on how to help resolve the unrest that is transpiring in society. Political agreement is not required in 1301 essays; I allow for students to adopt a range of positions on any given topic.  Remember, I am available for individual zoom conferences during class.

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