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Electronic submission via Canvas by 5 p.m. on the due date Two papers copies due in class the same evening

Description Your annotated bibliography is due in two ways: Electronic submission via Canvas by 5 p.m. on the due date Two papers copies due in class the same evening – At this point in your research, you should be conducting primary and secondary research. Primary research: finding sources and analyzing them yourself. Secondary research: finding sources that have done a lot of the analyzing for you. You should be reading the source material you have collected to educate yourself further about your focus. As you read, look for answers to your questions. Take notes and highlight information you might use in your paper. Producing an annotated bibliography mostly means compiling a list of sources and explaining how they will be relevant to your paper. – What is the purpose of the annotated bibliography? To… look for the answers to the generative questions. analyze and evaluate the sources you have. strategize how these sources will fit into your paper. demonstrate the quality and level of research you have done. ensure you have a variety of sources to incorporate. know the opposing and alternate viewpoints you need to address. continue re-working and refining your claim. – Compilation of Sources Categorize your source material by genre. Is the source a scholarly journal article? A chapter from edited material? A translation of a book? A lyric from a song on a mixtape? A tweet? A theatrical film? A made-for-television movie? Provide source information as you would for a works cited page, according to MLA documentation style. Compose a 5-8 sentence paragraph for each source, answering the following questions: To what extent is the author a credible or credentialed source? That is, what is the author’s background? Why is the author qualified? Who is the text’s intended audience? Scholars? General adult population? Everyday consumers? Users of a certain online platform? When was the text first published? Summarize the main argument of the source material. Use specific language. Vague: Article talks about other factors that contribute to the effects of violent video games on children. Specific: Article argues factors such as the child’s predisposition to violence and parental influence affect the extent to which violent video games can change children’s behavioral development. Is there any indication of bias, such as strong language or a one-sided presentation of facts/issues? Remember, one-sided sources can be useful, so long as you look for balanced opinions elsewhere. How does this source compare/contrast to others in your bibliography? Does it confirm, challenge, extend, or qualify information in another source? How so? Explain how the source material is relevant to your argument. Which generative questions does the source answer? Does it give statistical results to support your working claim? Does it give results from a survey to gauge people’s opinions? Does it provide expert testimony? Does it explore or advocate for an opposing or alternate view? Does it extend or pivot on an existing view? Does it give you an unexpected discovery that will take your research in a new direction? Vague: This article is relevant because it gives other reasons why children are influenced by violence in video games. (This sentence doesn’t show you know the reasons.) Specific: This article gives reasons for why children are especially influenced by video games, such as the child’s upbringing and environmental factors that reinforce the violent messages in games. Here’s a worksheet that includes an example and will guide you through the steps. Complete the worksheet for each of your sources. Actions – Summary of Research In this section, you will synthesize and examine what conclusions you can make from the research you’ve found so far. Identify which generative questions you were able to answer or explore, which questions you haven’t been able to answer yet, and which questions you suspect will require you to do your own research and analysis. –

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