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“the focus is on educational technologies. Please submit a 2 pages or 3 pages report on a cutting edge educational technology (of your choice). You can choose a technology that you think has had the biggest impact, something you are interested in, or something you want to know more about from a technological perspective. Remember that through research on the topic, you will want to prove its impact.
In your report, be sure to explain the technology, how it can be used for education, thebenefitsand drawbacks, and how you think it will be used (or not) in the future. (There have certainly been emerging technologies that have not worked too well as planned). If you are unsure what to choose, you could pick a topic like MOOCs , educational content management systems (CMS), clicker systems, virtual worlds in education, etc. Be sure to submit this report by June 18th in the Homework tab under “Education Tech Report”. Make sure that you cite sources using APA style and use scholarly sources.

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