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1) Chapter 19: Social Engineering
Hello again class,
Lets talk about Social Engineering today.
Chapter 19 says that Social engineering is a process in which an attacker attempts to acquire information about your network and system by social means, such as talking to people in the organization. A social engineering attack may occur over the phone, by email, or in person. The intent is to acquire access information, such as user IDs and passwords. When the attempt is made through email or instant messaging, this is known as phishing, and it’s often made to look as if a message is coming from sites where users are likely to have accounts (eBay and PayPal are popular).
Now, lets watch the follow video on Social Engineering.
Video Tutorial – Hackers and Social Engineering – 3 Minutes:

Class, what did you learn from the resources above? Thoughts? Experineces?
2) Chapter 19: Locating Lost or Stolen Devices
While theft is certainly a risk, I think most mobile devices are lost. I have personally used the Find My Phone feature before and was able to determine that I had left my phone in a restaurant and retrieved it the same day. I was unaware before reading this text of the remote wipe option. I could see companies who use mobile devices wanting to have this feature available to destroy the contents if the device cannot be located. While it’s a nice to have for personal data, I can see it being essential in an increasingly mobile workforce that carries around customer data.

3) Chapter 19: Destruction and Disposal Methods
Hello again class,
Lets talk about “Destruction and Disposal Methods”.
Your reading says to think of all of the sensitive data written to a hard drive. Data drive can contain information about students, clients, users–about anyone and anything. That hard drive can be in a desktop PC, in a laptop, or even in a printer (many laser printers above consumer grade offer the ability to add a hard drive to store print jobs), and if it falls into the wrong hands, you can not only lose valuable data but also risk a lawsuit for not properly protecting privacy.
Watch the following Video.
Video Tutorial – Destruction of Drive Data – 5 Minutes:

Class, what did you learn from watching the video above? What is quick formatting vs standard formatting?

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