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The following documentaries are available to view on Netflix or other streaming services. Review the questions below before watching the documentary so you have an idea of what you should be thinking about during the film. Food Evolution (Hulu) Before the Flood (YouTube & Netflix) Racing Extinction (YouTube & Hulu) Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman (Hulu) Chasing Ice (Netflix) Chasing Coral (Netflix) Terra (Netflix) Virunga (2014 – Netflix) Mission Blue (Netflix) A Plastic Ocean (Netflix) An Inconvenient Sequel (Amazon) Part 1 and Part 2 are separate – these should not be combined. Part 1: Provide a brief 1 page double spaced summary of the film. In the summary, identify the people, places, events, or aspects of people, society or nature that are the focus of this film. Part 2: Answer the following questions: List six facts described in the film that impressed you and explain how each fact relates to the film’s premise or theme. Did you learn anything from this movie? What was it? Was there anything that you saw or heard in the film that was unconvincing or which seemed out of place? How has this film impacted you? Has it inspired you to take action? If so, how? 5. What was the film trying to convince you of? Did it work?


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