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Do problemsn 6.1, 6.36, and 6.38 in the PDF

Do problemsn 6.1, 6.36, and 6.38

The data that follow give the number of nonconforming bearing and seal assem blies in samples of size 100. Construct a fraction nonconforming control chart for these data. If any points plot out of control , assume that assignable causes can be found and determine the revised control limits .

Surface defects have been counted on 25 rectangular steel plates, and the data are shown here. Set up a control chart for nonconformities using these dataDoes the process producing the plates appear to be in statistical control ?

Continuation of Exercise 6-37. Consider the papermaking process in Exercise 6 – 37 . Set up a u chart based on an average sam ple size to control this process.

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