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discussion question

discussion question

Natasha is a 44-year-old who came from Bosnia as a war refugee

20 years ago. She is having anxiety attacks and she isn’t sleeping more than 3

hours a night. She also has stomach pain and severe headaches almost every day.

She has two young children, and she’s worried that she’ll lose her job if she takes

off any more time.

1. What is the primary concern with Natasha and her cultural background and her clinical symptoms?

2. Design a plan for Natasha that is culturally sensitive and focused on refugees. The plan should ensure that she has social and financial resources, as well as a primary care provider. Discuss the rationale and evidence for effectiveness.

Assignments must be presented in an APA format, with a minimum of 2 evidence-based references, no older than 5 years are required and minimum 500 words.

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