Developing Policy

Community college boards will have their policies and roles defined someplace in their organizational structure. To prepare and answer this question, research the community college board of trustees for Santa Barbara City College to determine how the board is made up and how they are appointed or elected. You will need to examine what role the board plays and what is the structure of it.  

For this Question, consider yourself a new member of a local board of trustees. You understand that it is your role to determine policy at your institution(Santa Barbara City College) but you recognize you need to know how policy is developed at your institution.

In your post, address the following:

  • What information about policy development do you want to learn in your new trustee member orientation?
  • Do you fully understand the difference between educational programs and services of the community college compared to the university? If not, what specifically would you like to know?

Reminder: Length does not equal strength. Effective posts are brief and to the point. Consider your post to be an executive brief and keep it under 500 words, if possible.

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